Mental Rapist

You raped my mind

A mental assault

I did not bleed

But a piece of my soul died

You damaged and diminished

My very being

You stomped out my pride

While you were fleeing

I want to live

But a piece of my soul died

A mental assault

You raped my mind

It’s not my fault

I was blind

You words a knife

They tore me up

Split me open

My mental

Scarred for life

Living in hell

I must survive

If only to tell

You are mental rapist


Even though you lied

As you raped my mind

I won’t recant

Never will happen

I will see you jailed

Psychologically impaled

With my truth

I will never forget

Maybe never forgive

You crossed God’s moral line

When you raped my mind

God has a place

For those like you

I will hate to see

The justice of he

When your trial day is here

I hope my fear

Will dissolve


I want to come face to face

Look you in the eye

And breathe


And spit

You shouldn’t be a part of this human race

You’re a disgrace

Take your place

With those less

Than perfect men

Who given a chance

Would rape again

Find some prey

Start all over

Just another day

But I’m going to pray

Give it to God

Let him define


For raping my mind

And after all this time


I can find


With my own innocent rhyme

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